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There are nine ways to browse our curriculum material:

  1. Click on a functional area of interest from the menu on the left. You will see all of our cases in that area, with a brief description of each. If you wish to see the first page of the case and the assignment questions, click on the case title.
  2. Click on a setting of interest from the menu on the left.
  3. Enter a key word or words (such as the name of a particular case or author) and click on the search button.

    Our search engine searches titles, authors, abstracts, and the first page summaries of each item in the data base. This guarantees that you will find anything that remotely resembles what you are seeking. However, it also can produce a very long list of items that are of minimal or no interest.

    To solve this problem, do not enter the words "and" or "or" in your search. Instead, if you click on the option "Search for all words" the system automatically enters the word "and" between each word you specify. If you do not click on that option, the system automatically enters the word "or" between each word. Using the "all words" option along with two or more words will result in a short list; not using it will result in a long list.

    If, for example, you enter "Lakeside Hospital" and do not click on the "Search for all words" option, the system will find every case or note that has EITHER the word "Lakeside" OR the word "hospital" in it (the latter word will get you about one-third of the data base). If you click on the "Search for all words" option, you will get only two items: the Lakeside Hospital case and the Primer on Management Accounting (where Lakeside Hospital is a suggested case).

  4. Click on the Popular Items link on the menu on the left or this icon Popular Items to see our most popular items.
  5. Click on the New/Updated Items link on the menu on the left or this icon New/Updated Items to see our recently-added cases.
  6. Click on the Background Notes link on the menu on the left to see our notes on specific topics (such as Note on Financial Surpluses in Nonprofit Organizations).
  7. Click on the Primers link on the menu on the left to see a description of our two primers (Financial Accounting and Management Accounting) and the cases that you might want to use for each of their chapters.
  8. Click on the Cases link on the menu on the left to see a description of our cases.
  9. When you are on the product details page you can click on the name of the author to see a list of all the cases and notes written by that author.