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Academic Publications Curriculum Development
We regularly undertake research projects that help us to improve our understanding of the issues facing healthcare organizations and professionals. In most instances, the results our research are published in academic journals and books. In addition, we develop curriculum materials to assist with the transition from research to practice.

Some of our recent publications are the following:

Young David W. and Sheila McCarthy, "Aligning Physician Financial Incentives in a Mixed-Payment Environment" Healthcare Financial Management (October 2000).

Recipient of the 2001 Helen Yerger/L.Vann Seawell Award from Healthcare Financial Management Association for best article of 2000.

Young David W., "The Six Levers for Managing Organizational Culture," Business Horizons, September-October 2000. Reprinted in Fred H. Maidment, ed., Organizational Behavior 02/03, 3rd Edition, New York, McGraw-Hill, 2001.

Young, David W., "GME: At What Cost?" Healthcare Financial Management, November 2003.

Young, David W., "Improving Operating Room Financial Performance in a Center of Excellence Structure: A Framework for Analysis," Healthcare Financial Management, August 2004.

Young, David W., "Strategic Decision-Making in Health Care Organizations: The Time Has Come," Healthcare Financial Management, November 2005

Young, David W., "On the Folly of Using RCCs and RVUs for Intermediate Product Costing," Healthcare Financial Management, April 2007.

Young, David W., "Profit Centers in Clinical Care Departments: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone," Healthcare Financial Management, March 2008.

Young, David W., "Using Bundled Prices and Deep Discounts to Obtain Managed Care Contracts: Seller Beware!" Healthcare Financial Management, October 2008.

Young, David W., "Bumps along the ACO Road," Healthcare Financial Management, December 2011.

Young, David W., "Fiscal Strategy in an Era of Reform," Healthcare Financial Management, January 2013.

Recipient of the 2013 Helen Yerger/L.Vann Seawell Award from Healthcare Financial Management Association for best article of 2012-2013

To find a list of our books, go to, and click on publications.